Chest Pain – 5 Things to do

Chest pain is popularly associated with cardiac related problems, but it needs proper diagnosis by specialist doctors and medical tests to know the cause and seriousness of the occurrence. It is best not to ignore it. Chest pain also occurs due to acid reflux, injury or muscle strain at times.
Lie down in bed or sofa and get in position of rest
Do not continue any strenuous activity or activity with chest pain, lie down and just call help
If you are wearing tight clothing, just loosen up yourself
Heart patients needs to take the emergency medicine as prescribed by their doctor/s and call for medical help
People with problems of acid reflux just relax, have the medicine or do things as prescribed by your doctor
In case of some kind of muscle strain from recent activity of workout or doing some movement just relax, take some rest and if the pain do not subside then take medical advice
Expert’s advice recommended

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